Tenuta Cavalier Pepe

Tenuta Cavalier Pepe - Campania , Italy

Exceptional wine has been made in this area since ancient times. Tenuta Cavalier Pepe is located in the hearth of  DOCG Campania , Luogosano, Sant’Angelo all’Esca and Taurasi.The  Estate grows   40 hectares of vineyards.  Terroir lies on slopes of 350 to 500 mt. above sea level. The vineyards’ exposure is mainly S/SE. Soils are clay like with calcareous with sandy layers.Microclimate shows with  sunny summers and  cold winters . Fiano and Greco are the traditional varieties which produce the high quality white wines .These are cultivated on the slopes of the Sabado River.  The highly touted Taurasi DOCG red wine is made from the Aglianico grape which is grown on the hills bordering the Calore River.  Many if not most wine lovers consider Taurasi the “Barolo of the South” . Milena Pepe and family  personally take care of vines growing, in cooperation with professionals. The main estate’s goal is to produce quality grapes in order to obtain quality  wines with moderate yelds and limited soils treatments.

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