Sean Thackrey

Sean Thackrey - California

Since 1980, Sean has been producing wines that are extraordinary not only for great quality and complexity, but also because Sean utilizes unique wine-making techniques, often drawing from historic, sometimes ancient, wine-making practices from all over the world.

Sean sources grapes from many locations throughout California, and makes all his wines by hand–”touching every grape”–at his small Bolinas winery. Self-taught, and fully reliant on his intuition and senses, Sean is the antithesis of corporate wine-making. The proof is in the bottle. handcrafted wines in his outdoor winery beneath the eucalyptus trees.The recipe changes every year depending on various decisions and grape availablility. Thackrey has describes the Pleaides blend as his “chef’’s special”. It doesn’’t bear a vintage (Roman numerals depict the identity of the particular version). Thackrey has said, “It’s like a chef’s special. You trust the chef so you’re prepared to order the dish of the day”.His wines are exceptional , and change in the glass every hour . Very limited availability


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