Costers del Priorat

Costers del Priorat - Priorat , Spain

The region produces wines of extraordinary quality and with characteristics that are different from all other wines. The secret the slate licorella soil, along with scarce rainfall and a mountainous environment, provides very concentrated wines with very unique mineral characteristics. Costers del Priorat is located surrounding the mountaneous town of Bellmunt de Priorat.The vineyards must be cultivated in very small stepped terraces, where productions are small .Vine ages are between 40 & 100 years .

After reaching the cellar, the grape clusters are manually selected and each vineyard is vinified separately in small tanks. In the region, this is called ‘Clos’, that is, wine obtained from the grape clusters from a single vineyard.  Jose Mas the very talented winemaker is always first to pick in the area , and believes in acidity . These wines are beautiful .

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