Champagne Foliage

Les Champagne de Chateau D'Avize - Champagne , France

Champagne Foliage Organic "Our wine-growing is environment-friendly and priority is given to the soil tillage and to the use of plant- and mineral-based formulas for treating the vineyards.

The same approach is applied in our cellars. The fermentations are carried out in oak barrels, the wines are aged on lees during a minimum of 8 months and the ageing in the cellars is done gradually, taking at least 30 months. With its half-sunken design, the structure of our winery makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption of the thermal regulation of wines and thereby to reduce any negative impact on the environment and allow for a more environmentally friendly process. These practices provide for exceptionally high quality yields from our cuvées and an incomparable tasting experience given by our well-balanced wines, which are both aromatic and highly delicate.

For our Champagnes we favour the philosophy of production and use of organically grown grapes. We select our grapes and assist and counsel the winegrowers for bio-reconversion of their vineyards - thus their efforts made during these years are really enhanced.


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