About us

SR Wine Imports was established in 2006 .

Our aim : to work with some of the best wineries around the world . Wines from New Zealand started this journey for us & since then we havent looked back . We specialise in finding little-known wines of great quality, character, and regional expression. Our producers are hand-picked by us, and combine the best that tradition and terroir has to offer with the flair that modern wine-making techniques can bring.In addition we carry a range of  beers, ciders who are leading players in these sectors.

.We have been very successful with winning tenders with the wine monopoly of Norway,  & we also have a very strong Horeca pressence ,working with some of the best restaurants in Norway .

Organic? Biodynamic?

We are big fans of organic production.Organic and biodynamic production should, when not in place merely for fashion or marketing purposes, imply wine made with more care. But whether organic, biodynamic, or otherwise, we look for wines produced with a great respect for the land and its traditions.

It’s more important for us that wine accentuates the land that it came from rather than fitting into internationally-marketable models – the term, of course, is ‘terroir’.

Of great regional expression

Combining traditional varieties and methods with innovative, modern wine-making techniques.

In general, there is a move towards authenticity in many things, including wine. The best results often come from a combination of the lessons of tradition and the innovations of modern technology. In our producers, we look simply for an understanding of what is best for their wine.


What matters to us is that the wine tells the story of where it has come from – and whether that story is worth drinking…

SR Wine Imports


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